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"Overall my experience was very positive. It was a very comfortable fit and definitely took some pressure off of my face. My tone in the low to mid range has improved a lot during my last couple of months using this mouthpiece. One interesting thing about this mouthpiece in my experience is that it doesn’t allow me to muscle out notes in the high range. The note won’t speak and give me an indicator if my embouchure is too tense. When I relax my face, the high note will speak easier. My face will get tired if I practice a lot but I experience little to no stiffness the next day. Would definitely recommend trying out this mouthpiece. May not be for everyone but it’s worth trying out." -Jennifer H
"I was concerned that I would not be able to adapt quickly but those concerns were crushed after the first time I used the Wedge 28G Tuba Mouthpiece. My upper range was better almost instantly and I could still go low when needed. The team at Wedge made the whole experience simple and complete. I highly recommend this mouthpiece!!!" -Phillip B

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