Shipping & Taxes

Updated November 22, 2021 (*International Shipping Options Updated)

Shipping during Covid

  • Shipping is currently available to most countries.
  • Some countries are still limited in shipping services, these countries are listed on the Canada Post website.
  • If you are not sure and would like to place an order, please email

Shipping during December

  • Harrison Mouthpieces cannot guarantee any shipping or delivery times.
  • Shipping during December is very unpredictable and any given timelines are estimates only.
  • We will not ship with couriers, such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS, but will continue to ship with Canada Post and their affiliates.
  • Read more about December Timelines here

We are a small, family run business

  • Please keep in mind that we are a small business (Dr. Dave & 3 employees) and do not have the same infrastructure as large multi-national companies or online retailers, like Amazon.
  • The great advantage to this is that one person is in charge of processing and shipping all of our orders, which means personal and consistent service.
  • Please email with any questions about shipping and Daniel will be happy to help.

Shipping & Taxes within Canada

  • Free shipping everywhere in Canada.
  • All orders within Canada are provided with a Canada Post tracking number and insurance.
  • Applicable Provincial and Federal taxes are applied at the checkout.

Shipping & Taxes to the US

  • All orders to the US include free shipping with tracking and insurance.
  • The average shipping time to the US is one week. Shipping times are estimates only.
  • Tracking numbers can be used on the Canada Post website or the USPS website, once it crosses the border.
  • Orders under $1500 will not incur any taxes. Please email daniel@wedgemouthpiece for details if your order is over $1500.

Shipping & Taxes to most of EU, UK, AUS, NZ, JAP, KOR

  • There is a flat $10 charge for International Tracked Packet service to eligible countries.
  • Tracking and insurance is included.
  • The estimated time of delivery for international orders is very unpredictable, mostly depending on how long it takes for your order to be processed by the customs agency of your country. Some packages pass through customs in less than a week. Some orders take up to 4 weeks to get through customs, taking a full 6-8 weeks from when it is shipped to arrive with the customer. There is no way for us to predict how long this process will take or when your order will actually arrive.
  • You can use your tracking number on the Canada Post website here:
  • Once your package is forwarded to the destination country, it will not be checked in until it is on the other side of the customs process.
  • The EU (and currently UK) may add VAT (value added tax) to your order. This can be upwards of 20%. Please contact your local postal agency for more details about import taxes in your area.
  • It is the customers responsibility to pay all applicable taxes, fees, and import charges.
  • We cannot reduce the declared value of any orders for tax purposes, as we could then face fines and penalties from the Canadian Government.

Shipping to all other destinations

  • There is a free shipping option for all other countries. This does not include tracking or insurance.
  • Shipping options vary from country to country, please email and Daniel will provide you with the shipping options and costs to your country.