The Wedge team will be having a well deserved break from Saturday July 31st to Monday August 9th. The store will accept orders, but nothing will go into production or ship until our return. We will reply to phone calls and emails after the break, but it will take us a few days to catch up. 


What Our Customers Are Saying

5 star review
Title: A proper embouchure investment
My tone has never sounded more controlled and full before now! I would like to get a Trumpet shank for the 64 top! -William H
5 star review
Title: 66 Cornet Top
Since receiving my Wedge 66 Cornet top, I’ve been working back and forth between it and a Bach 1.5C. Not that the Bach isn’t playable, it’s just that the Wedge is noticeably more comfortable. I feel i can play in a more relaxed manner. Glad I tried it. -John C
5 Star Review
Title: My New Primary
Awesome piece, I’ve been looking for a cornet piece to give me the flexibility but also deep warm sound and response, and this is it! -Benjamin A

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