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Review of our 98C Gen 2 Trombone Mouthpiece - Small Shank - .240 Throat
"I have been playing on a Wedge mouthpiece for only 4 months on my tenor trombone(101G) and have been so pleased, that I also bought a mouthpiece for my alto trombone/bass trumpet. I am very satisfied and in general I think that I get more core and at the same time more stamina. The sound is great and the craftsmanship is excellent. So thank You Wedge!" -Robert H
Review of our 97C Gen 2 Trombone Mouthpiece - Small Shank
"This mouthpiece is a lot more comfortable on my lips when I’m playing for long periods of time. I notice I have more endurance and my high notes seem a bit easier to achieve. It takes a few days to get used to the feeling of a wedge but it’s definitely worth the benefits once that time has passed. I have a snaggle tooth and this mouthpiece avoids pushing my lips into my tooth so that has been the biggest improvement for me." -Miranda B
Review of our 101G Gen 2 Trombone Mouthpiece - Large Shank
"I have 5 Wedge mouthpieces. A 6.5 AL, 5G small shank that I use on my small bore horns. The 101G and a 4G large shank I use on my large bore horn. A 3G that I use on my brass trombone. I play the 5G, 101G and 3G almost everyday and enjoy them very much. I do not feel like I am straining to create a sound with them. My accuracy and playing on pitch has improved. I believe I have developed a small vibrator using these mouthpieces. I notice that when I switch back to a traditional design mouthpiece my endurance suffers and I lose control as I continue to play. I recommend all of my Wedge mouthpieces." -Ernie K.

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