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"I was a little skeptical at first and didn't think this mouthpiece would bring all the benefits promised by the manufacturer. After only 5 minutes I adapted well to the mouthpiece! Fantastic results! Excellent slot, excellent intonation, improved attack, no loss of register and much more comfort on the lips compared to the conventional mouthpiece. I recommend Wedge mouthpieces! Dave Harrison (the owner of the company) is an exceptional person, ready to answer any questions and clear up any doubts. Shipping a bit long for Italy, but for such an excellent product the wait is never too much! Thanks Mr. Harrison and Wedge Mouthpiece company! Very satisfied! "-Giovanni Q

Review of our 665MV Trumpet Top
"I am SO glad I invested in a wedge mouthpiece. I'm a professional trumpet player and middle school band teacher. I had my teeth straightened a year ago and have been struggling to rebuild my embochure. The wedge made it easier to play with reduced pressure and forced me to play with tighter corner. Plus, the endurance and tone! Love my Wedge!!!" -Chris T

"I was the principal trumpet player for a British military band for 22 years. I survived that 22 years due to my sound, style and technique but always suffered with very poor stamina and my range suffered due to my poor endurance. I’ve spent painstaking years trying to resolve my embouchure issues, which I’m confident is due to the curvature of my teeth and my underbite, as a result when using a regular mouthpiece the rim cuts into my lip at 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock, cutting off the blood supply causing my issues. This mouthpiece as resolved all my issues, I never tire and my range is so much better, before I couldn’t guarantee a top C,I can now guarantee a double G. Thanks so much Dr Dave this mouthpiece as changed my life and I never enjoyed playing the trumpet more." -Stephen L.

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