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"Plays really easily with a nice fat sound, and has enabled a richer sound at both ends of my range. Upper register playing more easily around top C and am really enjoying “The blues” style of music. Only took a couple of days to feel really natural and am playing every day with no lip fatigue. This mouthpiece arrived one day ahead of schedule in New Zealand so I was thrilled as I had been waiting for just over a month. Having a zoom discussion with Dr Dave was very beneficial and I would recommend doing that as he is very knowledgeable." -Neil C
Review of our 65MDV Trumpet Top
"After only a few days, I noticed a sigificant difference in comfort and endurance in my playing. Would highly recommend trying a Wedge mouthpiece for anyone who is looking to improve their current playing abilities." -Richard R
Review of our 665MV Trumpet Top
"I am SO glad I invested in a wedge mouthpiece. I'm a professional trumpet player and middle school band teacher. I had my teeth straightened a year ago and have been struggling to rebuild my embochure. The wedge made it easier to play with reduced pressure and forced me to play with tighter corner. Plus, the endurance and tone! Love my Wedge!!!" -Chris T

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