Trumpet Cup Comparisons

How do different trumpet cup depths sound?
This page contains recordings of Wedge trumpet cups. The idea is compare the sound of different cup depths when played by an advanced amateur such as myself.  
These recordings were made on a C trumpet, in one or two takes over about 30 minutes. I personally play on a acrylic top on a heavy weight C length backbore, so that is what is demonstrated here.
You will note that the different cups sound very similar in the middle register. The low register is fuller on the deeper cups. One remarkable characteristic of the Wedge design is the exceptional sound of the shallow cups in the low register when compared to conventional mouthpieces.

ES Cup
* Similar in depth to a Schilke 6A4A or 13A4A cup.
* Provides maximum brilliance, projection, and slotting in extreme upper register playing.
* Most suitable for playing lead.
* Better sounding low register than any comparable extra shallow cup.
* Works best with Gen 2 rim 66 or smaller (.660 inches or less).

LV (Lead V) Cup
* Double cup design with a shallow upper cup and a second deeper XV cup.
* The oval shape of the Wedge rim extends through the shallow cup and into the second cup all the way to the throat.
* Low alpha angle to prevent bottoming out and a cup volume similar to the Gen 2 S cup.
* Upper register performance of the ESXV is very similar to the Wedge S cup.
* More open blow, similar to what players would experience with a larger #25 throat.
* Bigger, broader middle and low register than the S cup, with no loss in upper register performance.

S Cup
* Similar to a Schilke 14A4A cup.
* Excellent projection, slightly less support in upper register than the ES cup.
* Less prone to bottoming out than the ES cup.
* Most popular choice for lead when a solid mid to low register is also desired, marching band.
* Works well to piccolo trumpet when players prefer a brighter sound with more projection.
* Works best with Gen 2 66 or smaller rim (.660 or less).

MV Cup

* Similar in depth to Bach 3C cup.
* Modified V shape at bottom of cup leading into throat.
* Most versatile cup, which makes it our most popular.


* Slightly darker sound and smoother transitions from note to note.
* Excellent choice for an orchestral mouthpiece when a slightly darker sound is desired or for players with a naturally bright sound.
* Our most popular cup for orchestral players.
* Works well on all rim sizes, but most popular with rims 65 (.650) and larger.

RT Cup
* Well-balanced V shaped cup for Rotary trumpet.
* Very efficient despite the deep V shape the cup.
* Produces a well-balanced, rich sound on Rotary trumpet with ample brilliance at loud dynamics.
* Also works extremely well for orchestral or jazz players looking for a darker sound and very smooth transitions from note to note.