Your mouthpiece matters. Switch to a Wedge and discover your full potential. 

Oval, Non-Symmetrical Rim and Cup

Better Range * Endurance * Comfort * Flexibility * Response * Sound

What's different about the Wedge mouthpiece?

* Unique oval rim and cup
* Curved rim that follows the shape of your teeth
* Wedged contour that reduces pressure at critical points on your embouchure
* Oval rim that is oriented vertically, unlike old fashioned oval mouthpieces

What Does This Mean For You?
* Better range
* Improved endurance
* Greater comfort
* Better flexibility
* Improved responsiveness
* Better sound in all registers
* Less swelling
* Improved comfort and sound for players with braces

* Easy adaptation, and ability to switch between the Wedge and your regular rim.

 * Optional angled rim for players with an overbite

Sound Too Good To Be True? Is the Wedge Some Sort of a Gimmick?
The Wedge is absolutely NOT a gimmick. We have sold thousands of mouthpieces since 2007 and 1/3 of our sales are to repeat customers. Gimmicks don't produce that kind of loyalty. Read for yourself the science behind the Wedge design and what our customers have to say.
* Read about The Wedge Design and how it works
* Read about The Wedge Story of how and why it was invented
* Read Product Reviews from our customers

What Is Our Guarantee?

* If you don't play better on the Wedge you can return it and get a refund with our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

* We also offer a Lifetime Trade In Program - Return your mouthpiece at any time and get an 80% credit toward a new mouthpiece of a different size

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Featured Reviews
"I was the principal trumpet player for a British military band for 22 years. I survived that 22 years due to my sound, style and technique but always suffered with very poor stamina and my range suffered due to my poor endurance. I’ve spent painstaking years trying to resolve my embouchure issues, which I’m confident is due to the curvature of my teeth and my underbite, as a result when using a regular mouthpiece the rim cuts into my lip at 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock, cutting off the blood supply causing my issues. This mouthpiece as resolved all my issues, I never tire and my range is so much better, before I couldn’t guarantee a top C, I can now guarantee a double G. Thanks so much Dr Dave this mouthpiece as changed my life and I never enjoyed playing the trumpet more." 
- Stephen L.

"I am a comeback player. In the last two months I have been playing with Yamaha 16E (lovely tone!), DW3B and tried a few others, but I was having range and endurance issues. I received my wedge mouthpiece on the day I am joining a local brass band. After testing the mouthpiece during the day, I felt very confident that I will be able to last through my first rehearsal after many years, and I did! Now that I have played my wedge mouthpiece for about a mouth, I have no hesitation to recommend it. I experienced the advantages of the wedge mouthpiece that are listed on this website. As Dr Dave said, everyone should give it a try! In fact, I have placed another order to buy one for my daughter who found it to be the best mouthpiece too after trying out all the mouthpieces in my small mouthpiece collection (Wedge 67, Yamaha 16E, DW4, DW3B, JP603 4B, Besson 7)." 
- Ching Y T

"I was really overwhelmed with my new wedge mouthpiece. I adjusted really fast to it (1 day). I love the fact that the acrylic mouthpiece is very light, It was easy for me to reach the sharp notes, it is easy on the lips giving me better endurance. I play a Bach TB400B with F attachment and It goes perfect with my new Wedge(100AL 2 Gen). I would certainly encourage all trombone and trumpet players to give the wedge a try...You'll love the comfort while playing your instrument." 
- Nicolas B