The Wedge team will be having a well deserved break from Saturday July 31st to Monday August 9th. The store will accept orders, but nothing will go into production or ship until our return. We will reply to phone calls and emails after the break, but it will take us a few days to catch up. 

CarolBrass Trumpets

High Quality Trumpet at Great Prices - All 25-40% Off
CarolBrass offers top quality trumpets that cost far less than comparable brands, such as Bach, Schilke, or Yamaha. 
Dr. Dave has extensive experience with CarolBrass trumpets, having played them for years himself, as well as distributed them in Canada through The Brass Cellar.
When The Brass Cellar changed to The Brass Cellar NZ, Wedge Mouthpieces took over as Canadian distributor.
CarolBrass instruments are made by the Haxon Gakki Co. in Taiwan, who have crafted brass instruments since 1990.
Trial Period
The trial period for instruments is 7 days. Customers are responsible for return shipping, as well as a $60 restocking fee.
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