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Review of our Chuck Findley 66S One Piece Trumpet Mouthpiece
From my 1st warm up I noticed the different feel on my chops, I warmed up and took off like never before, just love it. -Eliseo R
I have waited for a few months before reviewing my new Pierobon with 5 degrees rim angle because I needed to be sure. It took me one month do adapt because the shape and angle were kind of weird, compared to any other mouthpiece I've had before. For my rabbit teeth it feels much more comfortable than a round mouthpiece and for the way my mouth closes I think I should have asked the doctor a 10 degrees rim, even if 5 work perfectly already. The range, compared to my Artisan, increased of a few semitones. Fatigue drastically decreased. Comfort: feels natural. Proof was tonight, once I could not play anymore with the Artisan (just experimenting), I switched to my Wedge and I continued with my exercises (Hayden 2nd movement). So yes, it works for me. My trumpet is a Yamaha 834 -Gianfranco L
It took awhile to become acclimated to it. My endurance has improved, and range is a bit higher. My tone is more compact, and tuning is better throughout my range. Thanks -Jim R
Review of our Pierobon Lead 2 One Piece Mouthpiece
I started working with this mouthpiece the moment it came in. Everyday has turned out to be a Great experience. The mouthpiece seems to get easier to play every time I use it. The intonation in the lower, mid and upper range are amazing. Also, I have noticed that the upper range is easier and my endurance at the upper range is stronger. I am a believer. Thank you. -Ruben S