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British Cornet Comparison Table

Cup Depth / Rim Diameter
.68 in
(17.3 mm)
.67 in
(17.0 mm)
.665 in
(16.9 mm)
.66 in
(16.8 mm)
.65 in
(16.5 mm)
.64 in
(16.3 mm)
Shallow Cup Depth
(Similar to Wick S Cup for Soprano Cornet)
Wick S
Medium Cup Depth
(Similar to Wick B Cup)
Wick 2B
Wick 3B
Wick 4B
Wick 5B
Deep Cup Depth
(Similar to Wick Cup)
Wick 2
Wick 3
Wick 4
Wick 5B

Links in the table are to hybrid one piece British Cornet mouthpieces.