Hybrid Mouthpieces

Hybrid Mouthpieces

2024 Feb 11th

Did you know that Wedge Hybrid mouthpieces are made of synthetic tooth material? We 3D print these mouthpiece inserts using a medical grade certified biocompatible resin designed for the dental p … read more

What is involved in a Wedge fitting consultation?

Posted by Dr Dave on 2023 Nov 29th

Someone recently asked what is involved when I do a fitting consultation with a customer. Here are the steps in order, with an explanation of each.1. Gather information about the player.Age, how long … read more

Will a shallow mouthpiece improve range?

Posted by Dr Dave on 2023 Nov 26th

I get asked this question all the time, and frequently see discussions about this online. People usually have an opinion on this topic based on their own experience. As a result, opinions vary.My op … read more

What is the best way to clean a mouthpiece?

Posted by Dr Dave on 2023 Nov 25th

I am sometimes asked about the best way to clean a mouthpiece. People wonder if they should soak their mouthpiece in alcohol, boil it, or use specific chemicals or bleach on it.As a medical doctor and … read more