Tuba Shank Specifications

We offer American and European shank sizes. The challenge is in knowing what shank a particular tuba takes. Sometimes a customer will insist that since their tuba is made in Europe it must take a European shank. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. In order to try to make sense of the lack of standardization in tuba mouthpiece shank sizes we have gathered information from a variety of sources on the web and present it below. Diameters given are of the small end of the shank, and are approximate as they vary from between manufacturers.
**Pleast Note: Most tubas with a European receiver will accept an American shank mouthpiece, although some will “bottom out” on the leadpipe. However, pitch and slotting are often better with the correct shank. Tubas with an American Receiver will accept a European shank mouthpiece, but the lack of correct penetration and increased gap will have also a deleterious effect on how it plays.
Shank Styles Compatible With The Wedge
European Shank
* End diameter .530 to .537″.
* Mouthpieces – JK Exclusive, “Normal” Perantucci, Laskey “E” shank.
* Insruments: Fits most Alex F tubas and some C’s, Amati, B&S, Cerveny, Kalison, Kurath, Meinl-Weston large models, Mirafone 191, Nirshl, Perantucci, Rudy Meinl, Sanders, VMI, Willson, Yamaha larger models, York large models, and other large receiver tubas.
Standard American Shank
*End diameter .520″ to .524″.
* Most common size in North America. Used on Bach, most Schilke, and Conn Helleberg tuba mouthpieces. Designated with an L in the Denis Wick line. Also called PT S in Perrantuchi line.
* Instruments – fits most Besson, Bohm & Meinl, Conn, Holton, Jupiter, King, Martin, Marzan, Meinl-Weston smaller models, Musica, Olds, Reynolds, Yamaha smaller models, York smaller models.

Shank Styles Not Compatible With The Wedge
Small European Shank
* End diameter of .490″. Very similar to large shank trombone.
* Mouthpieces – Doug Elliott XS shank. Dennis Wick in the sizes 1 through 5, without L in the name.
* Instruments – Older Besson, older Besson and Boosey & Hawkes, American Eb tubas, some old German 3/4 size BBb tubas. Also referred to as the Eb tuba size.
Medium European Shank
* Fits most older Mirafone 184, 185, 186, 188; also fits some other European tubas.
* Halfway between American and European.
* Will fit in most horns made for an American or European shank.
Large Shank
* End diameter – about .550″.
* Mouthpieces – Dillon Music “L” shank mouthpieces.
* Instruments: Larger European tubas with especially horns with large diameter leadpipes like the “York” copies and most Alexander model 163 CC tubas.
Kaiser Shank
* End diameter about .585″.
* Fits the largest Alexander model 164, a few ‘one off’ model 163’s, and some original York receivers.
* Rare.