Tuba Mouthpieces Comparison Table

Links in the table are to brass mouthpieces with American Shanks. Plastic mouthpieces and European shanks are also available HERE

Full descriptions and comparisons of our tuba cups are found HERE

The inner diameter (ID) is measured at .05 inches into the cup

Cup Depth & Thoat Size 1.26 ID (32mm) 1.28 ID (32.51mm) 1.30 ID (33.02mm) 1.31 ID (33.27mm) 1.32 ID (33.5mm)
F Cup
.310 inches
(7.87 mm)
PT65, PT64
Yam Roger Bobo Solo
(.294 throat)
G Cup
.325 inches
(8.26 mm)
Bach 18
Laskey 28G
Yam 67C4
Bach 7
GW A Baer
Laskey 30G
H Cup
.325 inches
(8.26 mm)
(.328 throat)
Cooley Helleberg
Laskey 28H
Arnold Jacobs
(.320 throat)
Laskey 30H
Mir TU25 Rose
Schilke Helleberg
Schilke 67
D Cup
.325 inches
(8.26 mm)
Bach 24AW
Laskey 28B
Laskey 30B