Tuba Mouthpiece Specifications

Rim Diameters
* Rim diameters range from 1.26 inches (32 mm) to 1.32 inches (33.5 mm).
* Measured at .05 inches into the cup in the long, vertical axis of the oval.
* Named by the size in inches (1.28 inch rim is called a 28 rim).
Cup Depths
F Cup
* Similar to a PT65 cup
* Shallow, modified V shape
* Excellent balance of clarity and projection
* Even response in all registers and a round, full tone
G Cup
* Similar to the Schilke Geib, Bach 7, Bach 12, and Yamaha 67C4 mouthpieces
* Cup shape is a modified funnel, which is slightly more bowl shaped than a Helleberg style cup
* Sounds is less dark than a Helleberg cup, with a bit more projection
* Excellent choice for rotary valve tubas
H Cup
* Helleberg style cup similar to the Schilke Helleberg II, Conn Helleberg, and Laskey H series mouthpieces
* Deep funnel shape
* Dark, round sound that still has excellent projection when desired
D Cup
* The Wedge D cup has a deep bowl shape similar to the PT50 and PT88 mouthpieces.
* In smaller diameter is an excellent choice for a player looking for the characteristics of a Bach 24AW on EEb tuba.
* In larger diameters produces a huge sound with a very even response in all registers.  
* Are you uncertain about what size shank you need? Get all the information your need from our tuba shank guide.
Material Options
For details about the chacacteristics of plastic mouthpieces visit our Brass vs Plastic page.