SM Solo Hybrid Tuba Mouthpiece

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Product Overview

General Description
The SM Solois the signature mouthpiece of Scott Mendoker of the Philadelphia Brass. The SM Solo was designed as a solo mouthpiece for the F tuba. However, it is versatile enough to allow excellent sound throughout the entire range of the instrument.

The SM Solo has a relatively large diameter and a shallow bowl shaped cup, shallower than the SJ Solo. The cup shape and entry into the throat is similar to the Giddings and Webster Alan Baer Beltane F. However, the contour had been changed to work with the Wedge rim, and the rim and cup have the unique oval shape used on our DOC trumpet and horn mouthpieces. This feature provides exceptional depth of sound and responsiveness from a relatively shallow cup.

ID 1.316 at .05 inches into the cup
OD 1.97 inches
Throat .294 inches

Scott's Description of the SM Solo

"Dave's creation has surpassed anything I could have hoped for in a mouthpiece. As already mentioned, this project started as an attempt to essentially put the Wedge rim on a Giddings and Webster Beltane Alan Baer Solo F mouthpiece - a great mouthpiece in and of itself. The final version is a mouthpiece that allows me to play through the entire range of the instrument without color changes. And here is the truly unique and amazing thing - I can change the color anytime I want! This allows me to play the SM Solo in any situation, with any ensemble in which I choose to play a bass tuba - whether it's EEb of F. Response is effortless, as is articulation. The stability of the dynamic spectrum is rock solid. And when you factor in the added advantages of the Wedge rim, you have a mouthpiece that allows you to make musical choices rather than physical ones."