SJ Solo Brass Tuba Mouthpiece

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Product Overview

The Wedge tuba mouthpiece line was developed with the assistance of Sasha Johnson of the National Ballet Orchestra of Canada. The SJ Solo is Sasha's signature solo mouthpiece. The SJ Solo is similar in size to the popular Roger Bobo Solo, but the Wedge Rim and adjustments to the cup have produced a mouthpiece with superior flexibility, response, and clarity of sound. This is an excellent choice for solo work on the F tuba.


The SJ Solo has a relatively sharp bite on the rim and a slightly more bowl shaped cup compared to our standard line of F tuba mouthpieces, which are more similar to the PT65.  See profiles.


Rim ID (measured at .05 inches into the cup) - 1.27 inches, (32.26 mm)

Rim OD - 1.93 inches (49 mm)

Throat size - .295 inches (7.49 mm)