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Tuba Mouthpieces (American Shank) 

Gen 2 32G Tuba Mouthpiece - American Shank

5 star review

Title: Great Mouthpiece

Date: December 2020

Overall my experience was very positive. It was a very comfortable fit and definitely took some pressure off of my face. My tone in the low to mid range has improved a lot during my last couple of months using this mouthpiece. One interesting thing about this mouthpiece in my experience is that it doesn’t allow me to muscle out notes in the high range. The note won’t speak and give me an indicator if my embouchure is too tense. When I relax my face, the high note will speak easier. My face will get tired if I practice a lot but I experience little to no stiffness the next day. Would definitely recommend trying out this mouthpiece. May not be for everyone but it’s worth trying out. -Jennifer H

Gen 2 26G Tuba Mouthpiece - American Shank

5 star review

Title: Best mouthpiece I ever played

Date: September 2020

I was amazed at how much difference it made playing my Yamaha 3/4 size 3 valve double B flat tuba. The tone quality is improved (less burbling). The clarity in the upper register (up to middle C) is superb. I had not played the tuba for about 6 months and could smoothly and accurately hit the B flat just below and even middle C with ease. I switched back and forth between the wedge and the stock Yamaha mouthpiece, to make a direct comparison. The playing ease with the Wedge was remarkable. All the notes came forth with clarity that usually would take me a few days of "warming up" with the Yamaha "stock " mouthpiece. I have played tuba over 60 years. One doesn't;t normally think of "running out of lip" playing tuba unless one is playing only notes higher than the "high C" ( the one in the middle of he bass clef) The tone quality of the higher notes often suffers unless one has been playing daily an hour day + for several weeks. With the wedge, I picked up the tuba cold after not touching it for 6 months and could clearly play even the double high C. Also the low end was improved in the "fake notes" below low E (all 3 valves down down space under 4 leger lines below the Base Cleff staff. With a 4/4 tuba can usually play an ultra low B flat or even A (lowest note on the piano) after being warmed up. With the smaller bore 3/4 tuba can only get to an ultra low C. With the wedge I could do this not having touched the tuba in 6 months, with the stock Yamaha mouthpiece , I could only do this after loostening up my lip by playing for about an hour. -Roy A

Gen 2 28G Tuba Mouthpiece - American Shank 

5 star review

Title: Making a Difference

Date: June 2020

I was concerned that I would not be able to adapt quickly but those concerns were crushed after the first time I used the Wedge 28G Tuba Mouthpiece. My upper range was better almost instantly and I could still go low when needed. The team at Wedge made the whole experience simple and complete. I highly recommend this mouthpiece!!! -Phillip B

James Gourlay 27D Tuba Mouthpiece - American Shank 

5 star review

Title: Excellent mouthpiece

Date: April 2020

I have been playing EEb tuba for around 48 years so was accustomed to my style of mouthpiece. However, having seen the adverts for Wedge Mouthpieces I thought why not. To begin with the service, it was excellent. I have a tuba with a narrow lead tube which would not accept any of the standard Shanks available from Wedge Mouthpieces. I contacted Dr Dave direct he came up with a solution. I have now been playing on the new mouthpiece for a few weeks and find very comfortable, the upper range is easier, the pedal notes are still secure and the tone has received completementary remarks from my wife. Not bad at all! They are certainly not cheap, but I consider it to be worth the money I paid, including the UK import tax and will certainly be keeping it. Stuart McM

Gen 2 30D Tuba Mouthpiece - American Shank

5 star review

Title: Versatility defined.

Date: February 2020

First off, I'd like to say that Dr. Dave was very helpful in helping me to choose a mouthpiece. I've become a big fan of the Wedge design in general, having played multiple at this point. I've found it to be very comfortable, notably responsive in all registers, and the concave rim shape actually does a great job of exposing common flaws in upper register technique. Specifically, it prevents the player from using excessive back pressure as a crutch. Originally, I had bought a used Wedge pt-88, trying to get away from several issues I had with a Helleberg on a rotary BBb. Great mp, but far too large for my face. I've found the 30D to produce a nearly equivalent sound, with less effort, and less compromise in both the upper/lower registers. I'd have no problem using this mp any ensemble, from orchestra, to quintet. You won't be disappointed. -Ben S

Gen 2 26D Tuba Mouthpiece - Plastic - American Shank

5 star review

Title: FANTASTIC mouthpiece!

Date: February 2020

First of all, I would like to thank Dave for the endless patience - I didn't know how to solve some minor problems about shank compatibility, and he answered to EVERY question I had (I eventually ordered a standard shank and had my sousaphone modified). That said - GREAT mouthpiece! Full, deep sound, immediate response, crisp attack, perfectly consistent throughout the range - plus, the extreme comfort of the contour edge and Delrin. I just had time for a brief test yesterday, I am 110% sure that it will also deliver everything it promises in terms of endurance, can't wait for my next all-day marching band marathon! Thank you very, very much -Lorenzo P

H2 Tuba Mouthpiece - Plastic - American Shank 

5 star review

Title: I was skeptical at first...

Date: October 2019

As a retired HS band director I had some initial skepticism and when I received the acrylic H2 tuba mouthpiece I thought...that's it? Upon putting it to the test I found that notes slot much easier and that I could still maintain a big sound. I play in a community concert band and several of the band director/members noticed that I had a bigger sound with the "blue plastic"mouthpiece. Bravo on making a great tuba mouthpiece that makes this old tubist sound a little less "old guy"! Also, thanks for having a 90 day return policy as I would not have tried it without it. -Ken N

Gen 2 28F Tuba Mouthpiece - American Shank

5 star review

Title: 100% recommendable

Date: September 2019

Hi Dr. Dave! Both mouthpieces, 32D and 28F, are absolutely fantastic. The sound and the intonation are outstanding. I play both mouthpieces in the orchestra and the sound blends well with the other brass Instruments and even with the double basses and bassoons. It's really enjoyable to practice with your mouthpieces every day - in my opinion a great improvement! -Ulrich S., Tuba Player of the Lower Saxony State Orchestra, Hannover

Gen 2 28H Tuba Mouthpiece - Plastic - American Shank 

5 star review

Title: Well Worth and Investigation

Date: July 2019

Pretty good !!!! I think my upper range is a bit better. Previously anything above a high C was iffy. Much more secure up there now. Low register has not changed. However, I prided myself with an ability to rip a sforzando when needed. I feel hindered attempting that now. Perhaps if the mouthpiece had the metal tone enforcer attached I would see/feel/hear a difference. I request that you apply the 10% discount towards the purchase of the metal adapter that is mentioned on the website. A bass trombone player friend of mine has a Wedge mouthpiece with that adapter attached. He claims that it is worth the investment. I am willing to give it a try. -Andy S.


Tuba Mouthpieces (European Shank)

James Gourlay 27D Tuba Mouthpiece - European Shank

5 Star Review

Date: February 2021

Title: Wedge Gourlay 27D Euro

The slightly larger throat seems to take the edge off the notes making them truly sing, with no “thinning” in the high registers. Very comfortable and responsive. I like it!

SG Tuba Mouthpiece - European Shank 

5 star review

Title: Finally a mouthpiece that fits my playing needs!

Date: January 2021

For a long time I have been trying different mouthpieces by different manufacturers and materials but I was never fully satisfied with the results I was getting in my tuba playing. I had tried the Wedge back in 2017 through a recommendation from my teacher Jacob Cameron and at the time it was not for me. Then I went through my embouchure change and lacked endurance. I revisited the Wedge SG on CC tuba and the 26H on my F tuba and I had that “Ah-Ha” moment. Everything just sounded easier, my face was less fatigued, and I have the sound that I have longed for. The SG with the tone modifier locked in the notes across the range on my Thor and gave the instrument clarity without losing the dark sound I expect out of the bell of the tuba. Bravo Dr. Dave and the team at Wedge! Brandon Bruce Graduate Teaching Assistant Western Michigan University MM Western Michigan University 2021 BM Alma College 2019 -Brandon Bruce

H2 Tuba Mouthpiece - European Shank 

5 star review

Title: H2 tuba mouthpiece

Date: November 2020

I've been looking for a mouthpiece to improve my range. I found it in Wedge H2. My high range has become better and easier to center with better sound and my low range is as good or better then before. I was a little concerned that it might take time to adjust to my new mouthpiece, but I used it at a concert 7 days after I received it. I use it with my Wessex Wyvern Cc tuba. Per Arild

7B Tuba Mouthpiece - Delrin Plastic (Discontinued)

5 star review

Title: An easier-to-play mouthpiece

Date: October 2020

I bought this feeling mouthpiece from the clearance sale as I just want to try a wedge mouthpiece first with limited spending. The wedge design proved to be easier to play than my other conventional mouthpieces. I can pay less attention on lips and embouchure and, as a result, focus more on my breathing. With what I have experienced, I think I will get a metal one. -Richard W

PT 50 Tuba Mouthpiece - Delrin - NY Blank - European Shank (Discontinued)

5 star review

Title: Review

Date: October 2020

Higher registers easier to play lower register not so easy having to change embouchure slightly but to be honest not had it long couple weeks still getting used to it -Stephen O

Discounted - Gen 2 26D Tuba Mouthpiece - European Shank - Gold/Silver 

5 star review

Title: 26D - Great Eb Tuba MP

Date: September 2020

The Wedge 26D (Euro shank) is indeed a great Eb tuba mouthpiece. With it on my Wessex Gnagey Eb tuba I produce the sound I want with easy note centering even above the staff. It is comfortable and flexible. I highly recommend the 26D to be considered by Eb tuba players.

Gen 2 32D Tuba Mouthpiece - European Shank 

5 star review

Title: A true game changer......

Date: June 2020

I have the 32D tuba mouthpiece from wedge mouthpieces. I will start by saying this mouthpiece has opened up new doors as a player. My playing abilities have already improved in the short time I’ve had the mouthpiece. I recommend this mouthpiece to anyone, like me, who has braces and an overbite. -Kyle S