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114D Gen2 Hybrid Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

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Product Overview

The 114D has the same rim as the 114XD, but has a slightly shallower cup depth, more similar to a Schilke 59 or Bach 1.25G. It is a great choice for someone who likes the feel of the large Bach 1G or Schilke 60 rim, but who wants the improved efficiency and projection offered by a slightly shallower cup..

  • ID: 1.14 inches
  • Throat: .310 inches.

Note: Some bass trombones, for example some vintage King models, have an extra deep receiver. If your mouthpiece inserts more than 1.25 inches (31 mm) into your leadpipe be sure to select the BT Deep Receiver option when ordering bass trombone mouthpieces.

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