100C Gen2 Small Shank Acrylic Trombone Mouthpiece (.240 Throat)

USD $125.00
Not currently available. Email daniel@wedgemouthpiece.com for details.

Product Overview

  • Characteristics - The 100C is an excellent choice for a player who wants a shallow C cup for jazz or lead trombone, but who needs a larger diameter than a Bach 7C. The 100C is most similar to a Bach 6.75C. ID = 1.0 inch (25.4 mm). Throat = .240 inches (6.096mm), standard for most players.
  • Acrylic -

    • Feels softer than brass but less soft than Delrin on the chops.
    • Less slippery than metal but more slippery than Delrin.
    • Grip intermediate between Delrin and silver.
    • Feels slightly smaller than the metal counterparts.
    • Smoother than Delrin, very similar to silver.
    • Comfortable to play in cold weather.
    • Responsive to soft articulation.
    • Articulation is clearer than Delrin, very similar to metal.
    • Sound is slightly darker than brass and brighter than Delrin.
    • More core in the sound than Delrin, but not as much core as metal.
    • Sounds very similar to brass when used with brass or stainless steel backbore.