100AL Gen2 Plastic Trombone Mouthpiece

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Product Overview

The Wedge 100AL is most similar to a Bach 5GS, but with a slightly smaller ID. Compared to the Bach 6.5AL it actually has a slightly smaller ID when measured at a point .05 inches into the cup where the lips generally make contact. This is due to the flared shape of the 6.5AL at the top of the cup. The 100AL is a bit deeper deeper than the Bach 6.5AL, Schilke 51B, and Yamaha 48.

The 100AL provides a mouthpiece that fills the gap between the usual symphonic large bore tenor mouthpieces like the Bach 5G and the shallower C cup commercial mouthpieces. It has a brighter sound than the 5G family of mouthpieces and an easier upper register.

Most players using the Bach 6.5AL, Schilke 51B, or Yamaha 48 will find that the 100AL provides the best combination of sound, range, and endurance.

Material - These mouthpieces can be made in either Delrin or Acrylic plastic. Here is a comparison of their characteristics:

  • Delrin:
      • Feels softer on the chops because it has more give than metal. This is a great advantage for players with braces.
      • Not as slippery as silver, giving more grip.
      • Added grip makes Delrin mouthpieces feel smaller than their metal counterparts with the same size designation.
      • Not as smooth as metal, so some players may feel slight chop irritation for the first day or two while they adjust.
      • More comfortable to play in cold weather because they feel warm on the chops.
      • Plastic mouthpieces are more responsive than brass, making soft entries more secure.
      • Articulation less crisp with less point at the front of the note compared to brass.
      • Darker sound than brass.
      • Less core in the sound compared to brass.

      • Feels softer than brass but less soft and Delrin on the chops.
      • Less slippery than metal but more slippery than Delrin.
      • Grip intermediate between Delrin and silver.
      • Feel slightly smaller than the metal counterparts.
      • Smoother than Delrin, very similar to silver.
      • Comfortable to play in cold weather.
      • Responsive to soft articulation.
      • Articulation is clearer than Delrin, very similar to metal.
      • Sound is slightly darker than brass and brighter than Delrin.
      • More core in the sound than Delrin, but not as much core as metal.

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