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100AL Gen 2 Large Shank Brass Trombone Mouthpiece

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Product Overview

The Wedge 100AL is most similar to a Bach 5GS, but with a slightly smaller ID. Compared to the Bach 6.5AL it actually has a slightly smaller ID when measured at a point .05 inches into the cup where the lips generally make contact. This is due to the flared shape of the 6.5AL at the top of the cup. The 100AL is a bit deeper deeper than the Bach 6.5AL, Schilke 51B, and Yamaha 48.
The 100AL provides a mouthpiece that fills the gap between the usual symphonic large bore tenor mouthpieces like the Bach 5G and the shallower C cup commercial mouthpieces. It has a brighter sound than the 5G family of mouthpieces and an easier upper register. 
Most players using the Bach 6.5AL, Schilke 51B, or Yamaha 48 will find that the 100AL provides the best combination of sound, range, and endurance.

The 100AL has an ID of 1.00 inches and a .270 (.686mm) throat.

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Shank Options: Also available in small shank, medium European shank, and Remington shank. If you want a medium European shank or Remington shank please add that comment to the order notes at checkout.