Yamaha Trumpet

If you believe you are currently playing your optimal size in another mouthpiece brand, use the table below to find a corresponding Wedge.
If you are not confident you are playing your ideal size, or if you are having a specific issue with your playing, visit our Trumpet Fitting Guide.
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* All links in table direct to brass one piece options
* For modual (two piece) options in brass or plastic, find your appropriate size below and click here to shop Wedge Trumpet Mouthpiece Tops
* For plastic one piece mouthpieces, find your size below, then click here to shop Delrin One Piece Mouthpieces.

This comparison table can help find a Wedge similar to your current mouthpiece.

You can also get personalized fitting advice from Dr Dave by scheduling a phone call or Zoom chat using his online booking calendar.

Yamaha - Wedge Trumpet Mouthpiece Comparisons

Many players using large sizes (18 and larger rims) do very well downsizing to a smaller rim with no loss of sound or flexibility

When sizes are in between the smaller Wedge size is recommended 

Yamaha Wedge

Inner Diameter in inches (mm)

18C4 69D

.690 (17.5) 

17D4 68D .680 (17.3)   
17C4 68MDV .680 (17.3)  
17B4 67MD .670 (17.0)  
16D 67D .670 (17.0)  
16C4 67MDV .670 (17.0)   
15C4 665MD .665 (16.9)   


Pierobon C (1)

Giuffredi C (1)

.665 (16.9)  (1) Slightly deeper than 665MV


.660 (16.8)

14C4 66MDV  .660 (16.8)  
14B4, Bobby Shew Jazz

C Findley 66MV

 .660 (16.8)   
14A4A C Findley 66S, 66LV  .660 (16.8) 

LV more open

13D4 65D
  .650 (16.5)  
13C4 65MDV
 .650 (16.5)   
13B 65MV .650 (16.5)   
13A4A, Bobby Shew Lead 65ES
 .650 (16.5)  
11, 11C4 65MDV .650 (16.5)   
11B4 65MV  .650 (16.5)  



65M  .650 (16.5)


 9C4 64MDV  .640 (16.3)


8C4 63MDV .630 (16.0)  
7B4 63MV   .630 (16.0)  
7A4 63ES   .630 (16.0)  
6A4A, 5A4A 62ES   .620 (15.75)