Your mouthpiece matters. Switch to a Wedge and discover your full potential. 

Wedge Videos

Welcome to our colleciton of videos, all created by Dr. Dave.
While many of our videos are tongue-in-cheek, they all include valuable information about the physiology and anatomy of playing brass instruments.
The Doctor Is In - Animated Video Collection
Episode One: Passing Out From Playing High Notes
After passing out during a dreaded Broadway review show, Larry the Lead Trumpet Player visits Dr. Dave to seek advice. Dr. Dave advises Larry of the possible factors that may contribute to episodes of passing out while playing high notes, including alcohol consumption, medical conditions such as high blood pressure, sleep deprivation and more.

Episode Two: Dr. Dave Gives Advice About Choosing a Lead Mouthpiece
Dr. Dave helps Larry the Lead Trumpet Player choose a lead trumpet mouthpiece.

Episode Three: A Sad Story About Problems With Endurance (Choosing A Legit Mouthpiece - Part One)
Following a highly eventful orchestra rehearsal, Larry the Lead Trumpet Player recounts the details of his experience to Dr. Dave. Perhaps the rehearsal did not go as well as Larry seems to believe?

Episode Four: Choosing A Legit Mouthpiece - Part Two
Dr. Dave helps Larry the Lead Trumpet Player choose a legit trumpet mouthpiece.

Episode Five: First Trumpet Kevin and the Legit Mouthpiece
After meeting Larry the Lead Player during a fateful orchestra rehearsal, First Trumpet Kevin's curiosity about the Wedge leads him to Dr. Dave's office. Dr. Dave gives him some advice about misconceptions surrounding legit mouthpieces. 

Episode Six: Carol and Bill Visit Dr Dave - Part One (Does Your Mouthpiece Matter?)
Carol and Bill visit Dr. Dave to settle a disagreement about the Wedge. Dr. Dave addresses the important question, "Does your mouthpiece matter?"

Episode Seven: Carol and Bill Visit Dr. Dave - Part Two (Does Your Mouthpiece Matter?)
Dr. Dave and Carol address several more of Bill's concerns about the Wedge Mouthpice, including: Is the Wedge a cheater's mouthpiece? Can it screw up your chops? Why does it cost most than a conventional mouthpiece?

Other Informative Videos
Dr. Dave Play Testing Mouthpieces

Dr. Dave play tests some of his newest innovations - and maybe gets a bit silly a long the way. 
Warning: Obnoxious High Notes Contained In This Video.

Dr. Dave Tells The Wedge Story 

Dr. Dave tells the story of the Wedge, from its conception until today. If you’re new to the Wedge, we highly recommend watching this video for a quick introduction.