Wedge Rewards Program

Introducing Our Wedge Rewards Program

Get a 10% discount on your next mouthpiece and share your discount code with friends to get even MORE discount rewards.

About one third of our sales are through word of mouth referrals from happy Wedge customers. We would like to say THANK YOU for spreading the word about our products.

When you purchase a Wedge mouthpiece we will include a packet of Wedge 10% Discount Cards. You can use the number on the card (which is your order number and personal discount code) to get a 10% discount on your next mouthpiece.

EVEN BETTER, you can also give the cards away to other players, who can their own 10% discount using the same code. If anyone you refer uses the code to purchase a mouthpiece we will give YOU an additional 10% discount code. You can use that for another purchase or add to the original code for a 20% total discount.

Codes can be used once per person. They apply to mouthpieces only and cannot be applied to CarolBrass trumpets.

This is our way of saying thanks for letting people know how happy you are with the Wedge!