Trumpet and Flugelhorn Reviews

5 star review
Title: Excellent trumpet for travel !
I recently bought the CarolBBrass CPT-1000-C at 25% off from Wedge Mouthpieces. Dave and Daniel were great help with this purchase. I bought this CAROL BRASS Mini Pocket C trumpet mainly to stay in shape while travelling. The sound is great, has power, good intonation, weighs only 835 grams, exactly 6", accommodates a practice mute and my Wedge mouthpiece. Just add it to the cabin luggage and you're off to great pleasure and peace of mind being able to stay in shape effortless and practice anywhere! -Robert L
5 Star Review
Title: Plays significantly better than expected!
I enjoyed a very positive experience ordering from with good email communication, timely shipment, and trackng number provied. I am an electrical engineering professional (read non-musician) who has rediscovered the joys of playing trumpet after several decades since playing as an undergraduate student. I have a full size Benge 3X+ and a nice Kanstul 1525 and wanted a small, ultra portable horn that I can take anywere yet is still very playable. After reading and watching many reviews, this horn seemed to be the best option and at this price point I felt it worth a shot. I will easily echo the positive comments from others; this horn is extremely well built. All tubing is joined nearly as nicely as my Benge and Kanstul that cost many times more. The valves have a positive feel with just the right spring rate and are as smooth as butter - right out of the package. All slides (tuning slide, 3rd valve slide, 1st and 2nd valve slides) were perfectly greased and slide with just the right amount of resistance. The tightly coiled tubing is well braced and solid. Finish is excellent; I found but one tiny and insignificant flaw that could only be found upon extremely close inspection. The amado water keys work very well and are arranged so both can be emptied simultaneously with one hand. Overall, I am very impressed with the build, finish & design. So how does it play? Simply put, extremely well. I was worried that it wouldn't slot as well as my other horns or would feel stuffy due to the tightly wrapped tubing. Neither seems to be an issue. The timbre is a bit "thin" compared to my other horns due to the smaller bell but for my purposes the playing experience is excellent - even below C. I had previously purchased a plastic trumpet for travel and didn't particularly like how it played or sounded. This horn feels satisfying to play and I would not hesitate to use it to play in the alumni band should that ever be an option in light of COVID. This horn will afford more playing time as I can take it everywhere - work, travel, to the cabin and with the practice mute it won't disturb others. Overall, I am delighted and at this price point it is a "no brainer" for a travel/practice/just for fun horn. Highly recommended! -Eric R
5 Star Review
Title: CTR-5000L-YLT-Bb-L
I bought this horn almost 2 years ago now from Dr. Dave and have been playing it exclusively ever since. It is an amazing trumpet with a great sound for all genres. The valves and build quality are incredible and It has a nice open blow. If you are considering a new trumpet, I'd highly recommend this horn and the price really can't be beat. -Jordan C
5 Star Review
Title: Carol Brass trumpet purchase
I purchased a new Carol Brass CTR-5000L-YLT-SLB trumpet from Dave of Harrison Mouthpieces. The all around service that Dave and his team provided was awesome. These folks are so easy to work with. Best of all the trumpet responds well and plays great just as Dave told me it would. My next step is to try one of their wedge mouthpieces. I came away with a very positive experience and I highly recommend doing business with Harrison Mouthpieces Inc. -Jeff B.
4 Star Review
Title: Good horn, great customer service
Great horn for the money. Minor workmanship issues. Dr. Dave and Daniel took care of me. Wanted a fluegel, decided to take a shot on this one before stumping up 2-3x for a European model. Had the option to return of course, but it's a keeper. Tone is pleasant (subjective opinion) and substantially warmer (not an opinion) than a yellow-brass fluegel. Responsiveness to attack is still fine. 3rd valve sliding tuner works well. Slotting somewhat inconsistent but half of that is my marginal ability and the other half is that fluegels are always slightly tricky. Valves pretty smooth and should get better as I break them in further. Came with two leadpipes to suit any mouthpiece you already have. Included mouthpiece isn't so good (looks like a Bach copy) but maybe there's a website somewhere that sells standalone comfortable mouthpieces. It's a long shot, but there migh--oh. (I'll be ordering soon.) The workmanship is a little spotty. The lacquering is imperfect (don't care). There's a nick at the foot of the bell. (Doesn't matter.) More troubling, one of the waterkeys just spontaneously fell apart. I never recovered the spring, but, Covid be damned, Dr. Dave and Daniel rushed me another, no charge. I am not anticipating further issues but if I have them I'm confident they'll be resolved. If money is no object, you may well choose to spend more on a customised fluegel. You might get an instrument you like better, you might not. You won't get better customer service. -Shawn
5 star review
Title: Carol brass pocket trumpet
Good intonation and sound quality in comparison to many other pocket trumpets on the market. Great for travelling and staying in shape and at a reasonable cost. -Andrew C
5 star review 
Title: My third Wedge.
First, let me say how happy I am with my purchase of the CarolBrass pocket trumpet. I purchased it for travel and to have as an extra horn, but I since receiving it, I play it everyday and love the sound so much, I prefer it to my Bach Strad. I did get an additional mouthpiece with it, a 65MDV, which I also love. This is a 2 piece MP, so I can now use it on my cornet and both trumpets. I have 2 65MV MP’s, one for the cornet with an acrylic top and a one piece for the trumpet. I now have the ability to switch tops on the different horns and love the flexibility of being able to do so. Dave has been really helpful in guiding me through my selections and I’m much appreciative to him for his generosity and help. I couldn’t be happier playing with these mouthpieces and love my pocket trumpet! -Sam Z.