The Wedge team will be having a well deserved break from Saturday July 31st to Monday August 9th. The store will accept orders, but nothing will go into production or ship until our return. We will reply to phone calls and emails after the break, but it will take us a few days to catch up. 

Tenor Trombone

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Review of our 98C Gen 2 Trombone Mouthpiece - Small Shank - .240 Throat
I have been playing on a Wedge mouthpiece for only 4 months on my tenor trombone(101G) and have been so pleased, that I also bought a mouthpiece for my alto trombone/bass trumpet. I am very satisfied and in general I think that I get more core and at the same time more stamina. The sound is great and the craftsmanship is excellent. So thank You Wedge! -Robert H

Review of our 11C Trombone Mouthpiece – Small Shank(Discontinued)
Replaced with the 97C Gen 2 Trombone Mouthpiece - Small Shank
This mouthpiece is a lot more comfortable on my lips when I’m playing for long periods of time. I notice I have more endurance and my high notes seem a bit easier to achieve. It takes a few days to get used to the feeling of a wedge but it’s definitely worth the benefits once that time has passed. I have a snaggle tooth and this mouthpiece avoids pushing my lips into my tooth so that has been the biggest improvement for me. -Miranda B

Review of our 101G Gen 2 Trombone Mouthpiece - Large Shank
I have 5 Wedge mouthpieces. A 6.5 AL, 5G small shank that I use on my small bore horns. The 101G and a 4G large shank the tI use on my large bore horn. A 3G that I use on my brass trombone. I play the 5G, 101G and 3G almost everyday and enjoy them very much. I do not feel like I am straining to create a sound with them. My accuracy and playing on pitch has improved. I believe I have developed a small vibrator using these mouthpieces. I notice that when I switch back to a traditional design mouthpiece my endurance suffers and I lose control as I continue to play. I recommend all of my Wedge mouthpieces. - Ernie K.

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