Tenor Horn Mouthpiece Specifications

Overview of Wedge Tenor Horn Mouthpieces



* Rim inner diameter (ID) is measured at .05 inches into the cup* Rims are named according to the ID (a 75 rim has an ID of .75 inches)
* Easily correlated with sizes of Denis Wick tenor horn mouthpieces



* Cup depth and shape varies somewhat depending on rim diameter, similar to Denis Wick mouthpieces. * Unique oval cup shape, larger from top to bottom than side to side, extending right down to the throat
* Oval cup amplifies the effect of the Wedge rim, providing greater responsiveness in all registers and a bigger, fatter sound compared to a conventional round cup of similar depth and volume.

Are you fairly happy with your current mouthpiece?

If you are happy with your current mouthpiece and just want to know what the Wedge design can do for your playing you can simply select a mouthpiece using one of our Tenor Horn Comparison Table. If you need advice about choosing a mouthpiece to give an extra boost in range and endurance visit our Tenor Horn Mouthpiece Fitting Guide.