Tenor & Bass Trombone Screw Rims

*Please Note: Wedge trombone mouthpiece screw rims are compatible with Doug Elliott ST, LT, XT, SB, and LB screw rims, and use a similar naming system. They also will fit on old Giardinelli trombone cups.

What Our Customers Say

Review of our XT 104 Trombone Screw Rim
As soon as I put this rim on my lips I sensed a noticeable improvement. My sound was more full with more core. Overall it feels easier to get around the horn. Range is improved both low and high. At times I was using larger 105 and 106 rims in the past in order to play the low range more easily, but with the way the Wedge rim is curved to fit my face I can use a smaller rim down low, which also improves my endurance and high register. I noticed that my articulation became cleaner with less clammed notes too! I can safely say that I won’t be going back to my old mouthpieces. The Wedge is here to stay! -Jeffrey G.
Review of our XT 102 Trombone Screw Rim
I recently ordered an XT102 rim and have been playing on it for several weeks. Several playing aspects have improved to the point of making this rim a "keeper", but most importantly I believe it helped clear up a response issue that was plaguing me for weeks.
I would put the instrument to my face, tongue and blow, and nothing would come out except a puff of air. This was happening all over my middle range and I was quite disconcerted; it was so bad I wondered if I would be able to play anymore. I tried everything - more rest, buzzing, icing my chops, approaching the middle register from above and below, and more rest - but the only constant was the puff of air. Note also that my upper lip felt like I had put it through a three hour concert every time I tried to play. I was really concerned.
The Wedge solved my problem. It didn't happen the first day, but gradually the middle range came back and that feeling of an overworked upper lip dissipated. I am still careful about appropriate rest, but I am back to playing without the lip soreness and with a middle register. Now I am able to see increases in range, flexibility, sound, and endurance. If your product didn't work I have no idea what I would have done except perhaps taking up fiddle..
Thank you. -Michael K.