French Horn Mouthpiece Reviews

American Shank French Horn Mouthpieces
5 star review
Title: Wedge Mouthpiece
At first I had to get used to the new mouthpiece, but after a couple of weeks, I could tell the difference in my playing. I am really liking this mouthpiece. Thank you for your recommendation. -Johnny A
5 star review
Title: Still adjusting, but amazing results so far
I received my 70XD silver mouthpiece about 2 months ago, but I had put it to the side until after the holiday concert season. After the holidays, I have been trying it out at home while practicing with my Silent Brass mute, and I was struggling. I had an instant increase in my range, but was having trouble with accuracy and stability. Two nights ago, I finally got a chance to use my new mouthpiece in a rehearsal setting, and I was amazed at how accurately I was able to attack high notes, probably better accuracy than I'd ever had in 45 years of horn playing. Also, I was able to complete a 90-minute rehearsal with minimal fatigue. I am still having trouble keeping the mouthpiece aligned due to my bad habit of rotating my mouthpieces occasionally to avoid the dreaded "stuck mouthpiece". I am also occasionally experiencing a bit of air leaking from the sides of my mouth. However, I am confident that I will be able to eventually make adjustments that will eliminate these issues. Thanks, Dr. Dave! -Ross in Texas
5 star review
Title: Right fit, right mouthpiece
I had a wonderful experience sorting out a new mouthpiece. I’ve played for 25 years, and stuck in my ways. After realizing I’ve developed a skin allergy and having some orthodontia work, I knew it was time for a new mouthpiece. Dave was incredible to work with and I cannot recommend Wedge mouthpiece enough. 10/10 -Jon C
5 Star Review
Title: The Improvements were Immediate
I realized just how hard I was working with my old mouthpiece. The Horn 725D wedge mouthpiece allows for more accuracy with my range above a High A, as well as improved accuracy with all ranges. The slightly shallower cup responds very quickly, and I can play with more ease and confidence. I can now practice / perform with less effort and way more confidence. Feels good knowing that I can play for 3 hours again. -Bo W
5 Star Review
Title: Great mouthpiece
I loved the trumpet 67rt it was great to play! I came back to buy a few more! -Veto K
5 star review
Title: Great Mouthpiece
My time playing horn has always been an interesting one - I switched from trumpet and started on a Bach 7S, which feels more "open" on the lips than your standard Holton MC or MDC, mainly due to the larger inner cup diameter. I have also found myself keeping that larger embouchure due to my time playing mellophone in DCI groups and my college's marching band - regular horn mouthpieces always felt a bit too small on the lips to me. I had previously used a standard Wedge model for about 6 months - while I absolutely loved the endurance it gave me compared to my old 7S, it did still feel slightly too small in comparison. My teacher recommended that I get a mouthpiece with a bigger cup diameter, and I eventually settled on the JP model. After using this model for close to a year, I have not once looked back - my low range has opened up considerably, more in the short time I've been playing on this model than in three years of college and an embouchure change. Additionally, I can get an even bigger sound than I thought possible no matter what register I'm playing in, even on my relatively small-throated Conn 11DRS. If you feel like you're in need of a larger mouthpiece, you should definitely consider this one. -Shawn L.
5 star review
Title: Really worth a try, from a mouthpiece skeptic
I bought the Wedge mouthpiece purely as an experiment. The mouthpiece I have been using is very successful with no reason to change. However, I love the Wedge mouthpiece, I find the legato playing and smoothness across the full range much easier. I adjusted very quickly and was waiting for the honeymoon period to end but it hasn't. I have no idea why or how it works, but I am totally satisfied. I have no hesitation in recommending you try it. Feels great and seems to cushion the lips beautifully. -Chris H
5 star review
Title: 725S
I wanted to give a quick review of my new mouth piece (french horn 725S). I am 66 years old and returned to playing my french horn 3 years ago since playing heavily during my elementary and high school years. It has taken a long time and many hours of practice to regain my embouchure. I play a new Hans Hoyer geyer horn and have never been happy with reaching high F or higher and my endurance has been poor. I tried a number of different mouthpieces with minimal success. For two years I have been playing in our community band, and again, the higher notes and endurance have been a big challenge (never had a problem in high school). Seemingly a miracle, the new wedge mouthpiece was startling! I had immediate success with easily reching high F and high G. I was able to play music that I haven't been able to play since high school! I am totally delighted! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to try the Wedge in the band due to the Covid-19 virus. I can't wait to test my endurance once the band resumes rehearsals. Thanks you so much! I absolutely love this mouthpiece (oh, my overall sound of the horn has significantly improved as well). -Nick Q
5 star review
Title: smooth and clear 
The horn, a Conn double ( F, E flat) is easier to play with a clear sound, less effort, and more direct attack to attain the desired pitch. (fewer "fluffs") My endurance (how long I can play without tiring my embrochure ) has been increased several fold. I believe this mouthpiece would make the French horn less frustrating for a beginning player. -Roy A
5 star review
Title: Perfect Fit, Easy Play, Solid Sound 
From the first buzz the mouthpiece was exactly what I needed. I felt control in the low range and was able to fill the horn with sound throughout my whole range. -Brad H
5 star review
Title: 75M French Horn One Piece Mouthpiece - Acrylic - American Shank
I purchased this mouthpiece recently and have practiced/rehearsed with it for about 3 weeks. My reason for buying it was that I may have developed an allergy to nickel/silver. The mouthpiece is comfortable for me (I have a relatively thin upper lip). I did not notice much difference between this mouthpiece (also used the tone modifier) and my silver Schilke 29 (the Schilke box says silver but most likely it is nickel-silver). I will be returning the Wedge mouthpiece, however, because I did not know when I bought it that the mouthpiece has to be placed in a particular way on the instrument and lips because of its unique rim which is supposed to produce its advantages. The package I received had a note attached stating to line up 2 white dots on the rim at the top and bottom of the instrument; I could see only one, and that was difficult with the translucent plastic due to reflection from light off the plastic. When I contacted Harrison mouthpieces I was told that on French horn mouthpieces there is only ONE white dot. But in order to line that up as recommended, I would have to hold my instrument at exactly the same angle every time. I can see where this might be relatively easy to do with a trumpet or trombone, but with French horn (which I hold at an angle resting the bell on my leg or occasionally lifting it upward to play loud passages, and which angle I must often change to read and/or turn pages of music)---in real-time performance requiring these changes, there is no time to check to see if the mouthpiece is correctly placed or to turn the mouthpiece to accommodate shifting positions. So I don't recommend this mouthpiece for most French horn players. I do think there should be something on the website that explains why the mouthpiece placement is important; had I known that I would not have ordered it. Except for that problem, which I think would affect many French horn players, I would say that the ordering experience (and, hopefully, the return) was very good. The information on the website was extensive, allowing me to narrow my choices, and the phone conversation I had with Dr. Dave was very helpful. I just think the website information for French horn players should be modified to explain the "white dot" requirement, and the mouthpiece design should be tested by some French horn players to see if it really works for most players. Possibly it would work for a player who memorizes solos or who stands up while performing and takes the weight of the horn on the right hand always holding the instrument at the same angle. -Jean D.
Dave's Response: 
Hi Jean,
I am sorry you were not aware of the shape of the rim when you made your purchase. We do provide details about the rim and specific playing instructions on a few different pages on the website and store, but I am guessing you missed them.
There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to orienting the mouthpiece in the receiver. Most horn players are able to adapt to it quite well, but I understand if it did not work out for you. I do suggest making a mark with a sharpie on the mouthpiece and on the leadpipe so that you can insert the mouthpiece the same each time. That at least makes it possible to insert the mouthpiece quickly and easily in a consistent orientation.
I will make sure that Daniel sends return instructions if he has not already done so.
Cheers, Dave
4 star review
Title: Impressed
Fast adjustment period, had to get used to new tone which i think is bigger but I need some time to make darker again -low notes are really full, high notes may take some time but im sure will come -Flexibility and endurance feel improved. -Anthony D.
4 star review 
Title: Wedge Horn Mouthpiece 
Switched to this after playing for 6 years on a Bach 7S. Much better for my endurance and flexibility. This mouthpiece is definitely worth a look at the least. -Shawn L.
5 star review 
Title: 775D Review 
I find it very hard to rate this product, as I personally haven't seen improvements in my playing, but in fact, it's quite the opposite. I may have a mouthpiece that just does not work well for me, but I do believe there is some good things to be said about this product. It is very well made, being a one piece, the rim, cup, and shank all flow together seamlessly, and the cup not being completely round, but oval, is very innovative. I can tell a lot of design and thought has been put into this mouthpiece, and I don't want my review to detract from this, since I know it works wonders for many of the professional players i work with regularly. Overall, I think this mouthpiece is very high quality, but you really have to get the perfect mouthpiece for you, which I have not yet, or a traditional style mouthpiece may just be what I need, but regardless of what works for me, I give this mouthpiece a high review for the high quality it represents. -Cole S.
5 Star Review
Title: My Musical Reunion
After 10 years without playing my horn, an opportunity came along to entice me back. Just then, Dr. Dave’s posts about the “Wedge” appeared. With the recommendation of a long-time (neither of us is old) friend, Prof. Berinbaum at UBC, I decided to give it a try. I also found a good teacher and am amazed at how quickly my “chops” are returning. It is not a substitute for practicing but it is no spendy “Dumbo’s Feather”, either. While others in the section are complaining about fatigue & discomfort after a long rehearsal or concert, I am relatively comfortable. After 6 weeks, my range has grown faster than I expected. Thank you, Dr. Dave for helping me to find the right one to get. -John P.
European Shank French Horn Mouthpieces
5 star review
Title: 75M French Horn One Piece Mouthpiece - European Shank
I am still getting used to this mouthpiece and making friends, but overall I am very happy with my experience with this mouthpiece. One thing that was easily noticeable from the start was the improvement it made to my endurance. My only comment with it at this point is that I am noticing I am playing quite a bit sharper than usual on it, but it is possible that is just something that will change as I get more used to the new equipment. -Kristin R
5 star review
Title: Great heavy range and comfort
I really like the S cup, even though i regularly play on a M one, because it gives me that boost that i need when performing higher and heavier works, without loosing my low register and the beauty of the sound. -Giorgio C
5 Start Review
Title: L85GW Custom
It’s wonderful! Such resonance and ease while playing- truly remarkable! -Jacob F
5 star review
Title: From rim to mouthpiece
I bought a rim first and was so impressed with the results that I took the plunge and migrated to a mouthpiece. It took a few weeks to adjust to a smaller internal diameter than my old mouthpiece (a deliberate decision), but the results have made the perseverance worthwhile. My high notes are much more focussed and fuller sounding, while the lower register still sounds good. A musician friend is impressed. Endurance has also improved, allowing longer practice sessions; recently-resumed band practice (outdoors and socially-distanced!) is also easy. All in all, I am delighted and have no hesitation in recommending a Wedge. -Jennifer M
5 star review
Title: Improvement in high notes
Great! You had suggested this mouthpiece for people who were having more fatigue as they age (my age is 75) and more difficulty reaching the high notes. You recommended this mouthpiece as improving the high register while reducing fatigue.... Did it? Yes, it did — much better than before - I can now reach high C and perhaps D from time to time where before I could not. The fatigue seems lower, I will be able to tell more about that after band starts again when the pandemic is over. This is my third Wedge mouthpiece - I will likely play with this one on a regular basis.... Thank you, Dr. Dave. John Bourne, Tennessee -John B
5 star review
Title: The perfect mouthpiece
First of all I would like to thank dr. Dave for his advice in choosing this amazing mouthpiece. I'll start by saying that everything they say about this mouthpiece is true: it helps you developing a wider embouchure reducing the changes between registers, flexibility and articulation are both easier and the recovery from fatigue is faster. So I can say that the overall muscular structure is optimized for playing a brass instrument. The sound is much more focused and the core of each tone is more dense. Wedge mouthpieces are also really useful in case of both muscular and neural disorder (such as focal dystonia), so if you suffer one of these disease you should definitely consider buying one. -Francesco B
5 star review
Title: A successful decision
From the beginning I found myself very comfortable, the transition has been practically immediate. Every day I experience improvements in my daily practice: improvement in sound, flexibility, resistance. Very happy to have made the change. -JOSEP A A
French Horn Screw Rims (discontinued)
Plastic French Horn Screw Rim
5 star review
Title: 17 N French Horn Screw Rim
I have recently tried out three separate Acrylic rims on the 70 M screw rim cup. Before trying out these rims, I had the 70 M mouthpiece, which comes with the 17 M rim. However I wanted something a little narrower so I had a 70 M screw rim cup made and a custom .656N silver screw rim This was close to the rim on the Stork O4 which I had previously played on. The new rim proved to be too narrow a rim for the 70 M compromising both the upper and lower range. So next I tried the three acrylic rims 17N, 17 XN and 17 XXN acrylic rims. All those rims were a much better diameter for my slightly slim lips. However it was the 17N that gave me the best response in upper and lower registers after about two weeks of steady use. However, I find that the acrylic is still a little ‘sticky’ for flexibility and I may go back to a silver or even gold plated rim to get a little more flexibility between ranges. Overall, I find Dr. Dave’s product excellent and Dave’s trade-in policy has made it much more possible to consider the best rim or mouthpiece for me and my Yamaha YHR 862. -Grant F
M17XXN French Horn Screw Rim
5 star review
Title: 70M French Horn Mouthpiece
Of all the Wedge French mouthpieces that I've tried (70 D, 70 S, E Reed Sig), this is the most responsive in all registers and has a great volume of sound with a 'ringing' quality in conjunction with the rim which helps improve accuracy in slurring and tonguing. It also maximizes air use so you can play longer phrases. I find that in conjunction with my Yamaha YHR 862 it is the most efficient so far of all the Wedge mouthpieces I have tried. -Grant F
18M French Horn Screw Rim
5 star review
Title: Great service!
I appreciated how Harrison Mouthpieces contacted me after the pandemic hit and offered a refund if I wanted to cancel the order. I didn't cancel and they were able to send the 18M French horn screw rim not long after. -Karen T
M17.75M French Horn Screw Rim
5 star review
Title: Delighted customer!
I was intrigued by the assertion that a different rim shape could make a difference so decided to try a Wedge rim. I am delighted with the results. The rim is comfortable and it took only 2 practice sessions for it to feel normal. My tone is fuller, especially in the higher notes, and a friend who knows my playing noticed immediately (& over a video call) that something had changed for the better. I have not experienced any fatigue, and hope that will continue when band practice can resume. Dr Dave’s suggestion of marking the position on the lead pipe and mouthpiece works well, ensuring consistency of placing. All in all, I am very happy to have made the change, and am now tempted to try a complete mouthpiece. I am also impressed with the very speedy response to emails - great service, thank you! -Jennifer M
17N French Horn Screw Rim
5 star review
Title: Wedge for Horn
Recently I received my 17N screw rim for horn. For me, it has more secure upper range while not diminishing the lower end. Endurance and flexibility are improved. It does seem to encourage greater usage of the muscles at the corners of the embouchure. Adaptation has been easy. There has been enough to like about it that I wanted to try a one piece mouthpiece, which extends the oval design of the rim into the cup. After using the 70M for about a week it feels even better to me than the 17N rim attached to my Moosewood underpart. The screw rim will now be relagated to use with my Vienna horn mouthpiece. Dave Harrison definitely seems to be onto some good innovations in mouthpiece design. -EDW
17.5M French Horn Screw Rim 
5 star review 
Title: Amazing Rim, and Works Well with Braces!
I’ve been playing for several years now, and got braces almost 2 years ago. I’ve had a lot of embouchure problems with the braces. (I only have braces on the top, not the bottom yet.) They have caused an air pocket to form that relies on extra muscle tension to keep my lip in place, changing my tone and drastically reducing my stamina. This rim doesn’t completely fix it, but it is so much easier to feel the partials and my stamina has improved by hours! Overall, my tone, stamina, and the feel of playing has improved a ton. I am more accurate with the notes and have more control. I love with the wedge rim now! -Ethan S
18N French Horn Screw Rim
5 star review 
Title: Ease of playing
I didn’t know what to expect with this mouthpiece rim, but I’m glad I purchased it. My tone, endurance, and high range have all been made better thanks to this mouthpiece rim! -Brendan S
17.25N French Horn Screw Rim
5 star review
Title: Great wedge Horn Rim
Dr. Dave, I have been remiss in writing to tell you how much the wedge has improved my sound, endurance and accuracy on my horn. The first time I played I noticed how much my sound had improved in resonance and clarity. It was easier to get a deep intense core to the sound with little or no more effort. I am a believer. Many thanks -Doug W. Georgetown, TX
17.75XXN French Horn Screw Rim - Plastic 
5 star review
Title: Wedge convert
I’m a recent wedge convert and a frequent flyer in this store. Thanks to air post I save tons of money on plane tickets. My dream, however, is to visit the Wedge Mecca - a pilgrimage that should be on any brass player’s list. Specifically, being mainly consumer of Wedge rims, which are clever, physiological embouchure adapters for better performance, I’d like to grow up to trying mouthpieces. This 17.75 XXN rim is exceptional quality and craftsmanship has a narrow Chambers bite, and is exquisite for players with brass allergies, courtesy of inert properties of Delrin. Delrin users should avoid using alcohol wipes as unnecessary and harmful to Delrin. Also, checkout Dr.Dave’s custom work on these rims as extended height rims to increase the cup volume are available per request. I got one of those too. Thanks Dr. Harrison for insight and guidance! -Oleg G.
17.25N French Horn Screw Rim 
4 star review 
Title: 17.25N French horn screw rim
This rim immediately felt more comfortable and with a more neutral feel on my lips than the previous trial of your 17.5XN rim I initially ordered. The range is slightly better and endurance, I am sure, will be better as I have more experience playing on it. Thanks for the opportunity! -John K.
Unspecified French Horn Screw Rim
Title: Repeat Customer
I bought my first Wedge horn rim over five years ago, and upgraded to a MWB-M3 two years ago. Both of these pieces transformed my range and endurance. Dr. Dave recently designed a custom rim for me. He took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. Great products and service! -John S.