Flugelhorn Shank

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Product Overview

Wedge flugelhorn tops must be used with the correct shank. Flugelhorns have receivers that accept different shanks, depending on the manufacturer. Check with the manufacturer of your flugelhorn if you uncertain about what shank it takes. Below are some guidelines

Couesnon (No Taper): French Besson, Couesnon, Flip Oakes, Kanstul, Miraphone

Bach (Small Morse Taper): B & S, Bach, R, S, Berkeley, Besson, Courtois, Eclipse, F. E. Olds, Holton, LeBlanc, James , Trevor, Kanstul, Miraphone , Phaeton, Reynolds, Schilke, Selmer, Shiller, Taylor, Van Laar

Standard (Large Morse Taper): Adams, Benge, Blessing, Callet, Conn, Eclipse, Gerd Dowids, Getzen, Josef Lidl, Kanstul, King, Lawler, Miraphone , Orlando Wind Instruments, Stomvi, Thomas Inderbinen , Weril, Yamaha

Special shanks with a trumpet taper and British cornet taper are also available.

The long flugelhorn shank is designed for use with medium and shallow FL flugelhorn tops. It can also be used on our FLX cups when a more compact focused sound is desired, but it may require pushing the tuning slide in slightly.