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Bass Trombone

What Our Customers Say

Review of our Bass Trombone Mouthpiece - Acrylic
Once I started playing my Wedge I felt the difference - I reach deeper and higher. And I dont get as tired while playing. Thumbs up. My friend Marte ordered one when she heard about my experience with the Wedge. -Ingeborg K
Review of our 110G Bass Trombone Mouthpiece
I'm very happy with this amazing mouthpiece. The curved shape will take a little time to get used to, but right away you can feel it urges you to play high with little lip pressure against the rim (giving more open high notes), while the low register still plays as it should on this nice vintage Bass Trombone. It tempts me to start practicing more after this silent 2020. I'm confident this Wedge will make it easier for me to play Bass and Tenor on the same large bore instrument with this "110G Gen 2 Bass Trombone Mouthpiece". Due to the requested special Remington shank for my "new" 1961 Conn 72H, I had to wait quite a bit. The 1st one was delivered with a normal Remington shank length, only to find out that Remington shanks also existed in longer version. Without complaints Dr. Dave figured out new specs from my additionally send measurements and sent a complete new piece to the Netherlands (this time I upgraded to gold plated since I already was confident fan of the curved Wedge Rim). P.s. I never realized how much sound difference a properly sized shank would make. This old beauty seems to have been played mostly with a standard shank mouthpiece, so with a wobbly fit due to wrong cone angle. Sound was nice enough, but now much broader (more overtones). Maybe most important is that smoothly starting soft tones and intonation are right away notably easier. What I figured to be a weakened embouchure problem, turned out to be simply caused by wrong shank fit. Very happy with this mouthpiece and the silky feel of its gold plating. Thanks Wedge team!
Review of our 108G Gen 2 Bass Trombone Mouthpiece 
This is the first Wedge piece I have tried and a few short weeks later I have 3 more on the way if that says anything about how I felt about this one! I was shocked at how comfortable it was while managing to be more flexible than my standard shaped 1.5G. Can't wait to get the other ones I ordered! -Matthew B