Endorsing Artist - Gabriel Hasselbach

Gabriel is a succinct and lyrical trumpeter, flugelhornist, and flautist, with mad skills across the jazz spectrum. He has 15 critically acclaimed albums under his name, 11 certified Contemporary Jazz Billboard hits, JUNO Awards, the West Coast Music Award, plus the 2011 Canadian Smooth Jazz ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Instrumentalist of the Year’ Awards. He has charted on mainstream and contemporary charts, and has performed at festivals all over the world, and even in the home of Bill Gates. Gabriel has used Wedge mouthpieces exclusively for over 15 years and has his own Wedge signature line for trumpet (jazz & commercial), flugelhorn, and trombone double.

Gabriel's Mouthpieces

The Gabriel line of mouthpieces was designed for our original endorsing artist, Vancouver performer and producer Gabriel Hasselbach. Gabriel plays exclusively Wedge mouthpieces on trumpet and flugelhorn.

Harrison mouthpieces worked with Gabriel to design a special mouthpiece to his own specifications.

The Gabriel Jazz has the following features:

Inner diameter of .665 inches with a very soft bite on the rim.

Extra wide shoulders on lateral rim.

Reduced (0.015") lateral dip for more even distribution of pressure around the circumference of the rim.

Medium cup depth. This mouthpiece has a medium-large backbore and #25 throat.

The Gabriel Lead has the same rim as the Jazz, but with an extra shallow cup.

The Gabriel Flugelhorn top has the same rim as the Jazz and the Lead, with our FLC flugel cup.