26G Gen2 Hybrid European Shank Tuba Mouthpiece

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Product Overview

The Wedge 26G tuba mouthpiece is part of our new line of Gen 2 tuba mouthpieces. The Gen 2 line features an improved Gen 2 rim with an accentuated oval and and an oval shape to the cup extending down to the throat. The Gen 2 features provide better range and endurance, faster response, and a rounder sound.

Wedge G mouthpieces have a Geib style cup similar to the Schilke Geib, Bach 7, Bach 12, and Yamaha 67C4 mouthpieces. The cup shape is a modified funnel, which is slightly more bowl shaped than a Helleberg style cup. The Geib cup sounds is less dark than a Helleberg cup, with a bit more projection. 
This is a great all round mouthpiece with a slightly smaller than average diameter and very efficient cup. Similar mouthpieces would be a Bach 18, Yamaha 67C4, or Perantucci 84. Available with an American or European shank.

ID: 1.26 inches, (32 mm)
OD: 1.94 inches, (49.28 mm)
Cup: Medium deep Geib style slightly bowl shaped cup.
Throat: .325 inches, (8.13 mm)