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101E Euphonium Mouthpiece - Acrylic Plastic

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Product Overview


  • Inner Diameter: 1.01 inches (25.65 mm)
  • Outer Diameter: 1.564 inches
  • Throat Size: .285 inches (7.24 mm)
  • Wick Equivalent: SM6U (ID: 25.4 mm)
  • Shank: This mouthpiece comes on a large shank. It is available by special order on a medium shank or small shank -- please contact us at if you would like to add this option to your order.

Material - These mouthpieces are made from Acrylic plastic. Here are some of its characteristics:

  • Feels softer on the chops because it has more give than metal. This is a great advantage for players with braces.
  • Not as slippery as silver, giving more grip.
  • Added grip makes Acrylic mouthpieces feel slightly smaller than their metal counterparts with the same size designation.
  • More comfortable to play in cold weather because they feel warm on the chops.
  • Plastic mouthpieces are more responsive than brass, making soft entries more secure.
  • Sound is slightly darker than brass
  • Less core in the sound compared to brass.

The Wedge E Series Euphonium Line - The Wedge E Series Euphonium line was developed at the request of euphonium players who wanted a Wedge mouthpiece made specifically for their instrument. The E Series mouthpieces have a second generation Wedge rim design that incorporates elements from our highly successful Gen 2 high brass rim. They have an accentuated oval shape that extends right down to the base of the cup. This unique oval cup shape amplifies the effect of the Wedge rim, providing greater responsiveness and more core to the sound compared to a conventional cup of similar depth and volume. The cup has a deep bowl shaped contour, similar to other popular euphonium mouthpieces, with the addition of the Wedge rim and oval shape.

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