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Review of our 65S One Piece Trumpet Mouthpiece 
Overall experience? Excellent! Like all brass players, I'm always on the quest for the One True Mouthpiece To Rule Them All. My last two were an Asymmetric Lead and then a Bach 3C; I was sure I had simply plateaued as a player. I eventually ordered a Wedge 65S and was surprised that even the very first time I practiced with it I thought it blew and slotted more easily than any mouthpiece I had tried before. Even practicing is more fun now. Thanks, Dr. Dave! -Owen M.

Review of our 63ES One Piece Trumpet Mouthpiece – Delrin
I purchased the Delrin 63ES as an extreme high register piece for my Bb horn. When it arrived, I expected it to feel very tight with the possibility of bottoming out (my chops hitting the bottom of the cup and halting the air). Neither of these things happened. This mpc is ideally bright and my lips has never come close to hitting bottom. An added plus is that it plays terrifically well on my Carol Brass piccolo. The tone on the pic is that classic rich and bright sound - and with great latitude on intonation adjustments. Give it a try! If you're like me, you'll be pleasantly surprise and greatly satisfied with the result. -Robert S

Review of our 65M One Piece Trumpet Mouthpiece – Delrin
I figured that either 1) the purported benefits were exaggerated or 2) there would be a significant tradeoff in terms of volume, tone, etc. to achieve the increased playability advertised. But I was pleasantly surprised - this feels like an evolution of the mouthpiece, not a compromised alternative. Am planning on ordering a wedge mouthpiece for my trombone as well, now. -Ravi G

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