Plastic French Horn Screw Rim

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Product Overview


  • Black Delrin (a softer, darker plastic) or clear Acrylic (a more brittle plastic, more similar to brass than delrin)


  • 750 x 35 "Giardinelli"
  • 800 x 36 "PHC" or "Metric"


  • 17 mm to 18.25 mm measured at .04 inches into the cup

Rim Width

  • XXN (3.5mm / .138 inches)
  • XN (3.75mm / .148 inches)
  • N (4.0mm / .158 inches)
  • M (4.5mm / .177 inches)
  • W (5mm / .197 inches)

Diameter of Giardinelli Rim Joint

  • 16.5mm (.650 inches) for the 17mm to 17.75mm rims
  • 17mm (.669 inches) for the 18mm rims
  • 16.5mm joint diameter work best with most 750-36 threaded cups from Moosewood and other manufacturers, can also be used with larger cups with slight overhang
  • 18 ID mm rims have a 17mm joint diameter
  • Work best with Osmun wide cups and Moosewood BR and BW rims

Giardinelli Rim Height

  • 0.11 inches or 2.79mm on the 750-36 rims

Diameter of Metric Rim Joint

  • Varies slightly as the ID gets smaller
  • 17.5mm (.689 inches) on the 18mm, 17.75mm, and 17.5mm rims to match PHC cups
  • 0.666 inches for the smallest 17mm ID rims
  • The smaller rims have a slight overhang, similar to PHC US1 and US2 rims
  • This allows players to use a rim with a smaller ID on the larger PHC cups

Metric Rim Height

  • 0.130 inches to correspond with the design of PHC rims

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