Pierobon One Piece Flugelhorn Mouthpiece - Plastic

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Product Overview

This one piece Wedge plastic flugelhorn mouthpiece is machined from black Delrin. Plastic mouthpieces are naturally dark sounding with an outstanding response to soft articulation.

Marco Pierobon Signature Flugelhorn Top The Pierobon Flugel has the same rim as the Pierobon Classic. The ID is .661 with an OD of 1.12. The rim is a very comfortable Gabriel style with a lateral dip of 15/1000". The cup is medium deep for a flugel mouthpiece with a DOC design and the throat is .169". This is a great all round, medium sizes flugel mouthpiece.

Available with a shank for use in flugelhorn with a French or Bach receiver. It can also be ordered with a trumpet shank.

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