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Plastic Tuba Mouthpieces

Please Select Your Cup Depth And Shank

F Cup

* Cup style similar to a PT65 cup
* Shallow, modified V shape, which provides an excellent balance of clarity and projection
* Even response in all registers and a round, full tone

G Cup

* Geib style cup similar to the Schilke Geib, Bach 7, Bach 12, and Yamaha 67C4 mouthpieces
* Modified funnel, which is slightly more bowl shaped than a Helleberg style cup
* Geib cup sounds is less dark than a Helleberg cup, with a bit more projection

H Cup

* Helleberg style cup similar to the Schilke Helleberg II, Conn Helleberg, and Laskey H series mouthpieces
* Deep funnel shape, providing a dark, round sound that still has excellent projection when desired

D Cup

* Deep bowl shaped cup similar to the PT50 and PT88 mouthpieces
* Smaller diameter is an excellent choice for a player looking for the characteristics of a Bach 24AW on EEb tuba
* D cup in the larger diameters produces a huge sound with a very even response in all registers

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