John Putnam French Horn Screw Rim - Plastic

USD $105.00
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Product Overview

This is the screw rim for the signature mouthpiece of John Putnam, Principal Horn of the Michigan Philharmonic.

This rim has 800-36 "Metric" threads that are compatible with Wedge M rims, PHC, and similar rims. The dimension at the joint is .689 inches (17.5 mm).

Similar to PHC S18
ID - .721 inches, 18.3 mm at .04’‘’_’Ç΍’‘΂’‘’”’‘΂’‘’–’‘΂’Ç΢’‘’_’Ç΍_’‘΂’‘’–’‘΂’‘Σ’‘’_’Ç΍_’‘΂’‘’–’‘΂’ÇΝ into the cup
OD - 1.112 inches, 28.25 mm
Rim Width - .195 inches, 4.95 mm