Giuffredi LV One Piece Trumpet Mouthpiece

USD $240.00

Product Overview

The Giuffredi LV is one of the signature Wedge mouthpieces of Italian trumpet virtuoso Andrea Giuffredi. The Giuffredi LV has has the same rim ID as the Giuffredi C2, with a slightly flatter rim contour.  

The cup is extra shallow up the upper have with  V shaped second cup. This is a very versatile mouthpiece lead mouthpiece that is shallow enough to project with excellent upper register support, while retaining a very solid middle to low register. The LV cup feels very open, so that a mouthpiece with a #27 throat feels as though it has a larger #25 throat. 

  • Rim ID of .662 inches. Feels similar in size to a Bach 3C or Schilke 14 rim. 
  • Extra comfortable rim contour that distribute pressure more evenly compared to the regular Wedge Gen 2 rim.