Eric Reed French Horn Mouthpiece - Plastic

USD $115.00
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Product Overview

This mouthpiece was developed in conjunction with Eric Reed during his tenure with the Canadian Brass.

The ID of the E Reed is .680 inches measured at .03 inches below the crest of the rim. The OD is 1.01 inches and the lateral dip is 20/1000. The cup is medium to medium shallow in depth, similar to a Moosewood B cup, their most popular size. This is a great all round mouthpiece.

The E Reed is as medium-shallow mouthpiece, great for high horn, solo and chamber work. Despite being on the shallow side of medium, there is no sacrifice of sound or articulation.

This mouthpiece features our new DOC (Double Oval Cup) design that carries the oval shape of the Wedge rim into the bottom of the cup, producing more core in the sound with great stability and clean attacks. Wedge plastic mouthpieces are machined from black Delrin just like our brass and stainless steel models. They have all the advantages of a metal Wedge mouthpiece, the main difference being that they play with a darker sound. Slotting and response is excellent.