Discounted MC2 Mouthpiece Gold & Silver (new)

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Product Overview

  • Characteristics - This mouthpiece is designed to meet the needs of a player who likes the characteristics of the Monette C2 family of mouthpieces.
  • Originally, the throat on this model was available as a #23 or #21, which is the same as the non Prana Monette C4 and smaller than the Monette Prana. The #21 throat provides a more even response in all registers compared to the original Monette, and a comparable extreme upper register. The #23 throat offers a little more compression and provides a better upper register for most players. It has a slightly more compact sound, but still has more core than the original Monette.
  • This mouthpieces has a #23 throat.
  • The MC2 is made from our heavy weight one piece Monette C blank.
  • This mouthpiece has a combination of gold and silver plating.