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Product Overview

The Giuffredi C is the original signature Wedge mouthpiece of Italian trumpet virtuoso Andrea Giuffredi. The Giuffredi C has an ID of .662 inches and incorporates the features of our Gen 2 rim and cup design with a medium bite on the rim and an accentuated oval rim and cup. The cup depth is medium deep, between the depth of a Bach 1-1/2C and 3C, with a slightly V shaped contour. This is a very versatile mouthpiece for a wide range of applications including jazz, solo, chamber, and orchestral playing.

Wedge plastic mouthpieces are machined from black Delrin or clear acrylic. They have all the advantages of a other Wedge mouthpiece, the main difference being that they play with a darker sound. This top can be used with any Wedge, Warburton, or similar backbore with a matching throat size. The metal backbore makes the mouthpiece sound slightly brighter than the all plastic model.

This top has a #27 throat, which is the best option for most players


  • Feels softer than brass but less soft and Delrin on the chops.
  • Less slippery than metal but more slippery than Delrin.
  • Grip intermediate between Delrin and silver.
  • Feel slightly smaller than the metal counterparts.
  • Smoother than Delrin, very similar to silver.
  • Comfortable to play in cold weather.
  • Responsive to soft articulation.
  • Articulation is clearer than Delrin, very similar to metal.
  • Sound is slightly darker than brass and brighter than Delrin.
  • More core in the sound than Delrin, but not as much core as metal.
  • Sounds very similar to brass when used with brass or stainless steel backbore.

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