Discounted 66MV 3D Printed Polymer One Piece Mouthpiece

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Product Overview

This mouthpiece is in new condition. It is discounted because this model has been discontinued.

This mouthpiece has the standard #27 throat, which is the best option for most players.

Chuck Findley 66MV 3D Printed Polymer Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece Specifications:

Inner Diameter:  .66 inches measured at .04 inches into the cup
Throat Size: #27, .144"
Similar to a Bach 3C, GR 66MX, Monette B4 & B4S, Schilke 14B, Warburton 4MD, Yamaha 14B4, Bobby Shew Jazz.

The Chuck Findley 66MV plays like a really great 3C, but with a very slightly smaller diameter.
This is the most popular mouthpiece we sell, simply because it works well for many players in many playing situations. This size is the "multi-tool" of mouthpieces as it is best suited for playing in concert band, wind ensemble, brass quintet, worship groups, jazz, pit and pops settings, and almost anywhere else.

Although not a typical choice for an orchestral setting or for playing lead, the 66MV can also be made to work for that type of playing. Keep in mind that this particular "C" cup is not quite as deep as the Bach 1-1/2C, 5C, or 7C cup. It is the most shallow of all Bach C cups.
This 3D printed mouthpiece is the product of many months of research and development. It is made from an FDA certified safe biomedical photopolymer on a medical grade 3D printer. It does not slot or sound quite like our silver plated brass or Hybrid mouthpieces (it sounds a bit darker), but plays great and will give you a clear idea of what the Wedge design can do for your comfort, range and endurance.

Plastic mouthpieces are an excellent choice for players with metal allergies, and who need to play in the cold. This material is stronger than acrylic, but the shank can still crack if the mouthpiece is dropped on a hard surface.

Add a Sound Booster:

A sound booster is highly recommended for these mouthpieces. The added mass of the sound booster improves slotting, provides more secure attacks, and adds core to the sound. The sound booster cost is $50 and works very well on our silver plated brass and Hybrid mouthpieces. It can be returned for a refund. 

Read full description of the sound-booster here

Email or if you have any questions.