Discounted 65MV Brass One Piece 25 Throat (used)

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Product Overview

This mouthpiece has signs of usage, such as insertion marks, scratches or small dings. These markings are purely cosmetic and this mouthpiece functions exactly like a brand new mouthpiece.


Top 10 Mouthpiece! - Similar to scaled down version of Bach 3C, Bach 7E - Great choice for pit and pops, concert band, and jazz soloing


  • One size smaller than the Bach 3C
  • Similar in depth to Bach 3C cup
  • Medium cup with a modified V shape at bottom of cup leading into throat, providing a slightly darker sound than the 65M
  • Works well for piccolo trumpet
  • Good orchestral mouthpiece for someone who wants a smaller diameter and a little more projection, or who has a naturally dark sound

More Information: 

  • Inner Diameter: .650 inches measured .04 inches into the cup
  • Outer Diameter: 1.104 inches
  • Cup Depth: M (Medium) cup (similar to a Bach 3C, Bach 7E, Schilke or Yamaha B, GR M, Curry M, and Warburton M cup)
  • Excellent all round mouthpiece with a very versatile sound
  • Suitable for concert band, marching band, and jazz or big band
  • Can blend in a chamber group or orchestral setting, especially when used with a heavyweight backbore to darken the sound
  • Functions well as a piccolo trumpet mouthpiece
  • Backbore: Comes on an M (Medium) backbore
  • ***The throat on this mouthpiece has been opened to #25 , .1495 inched - a larger throat for more open blow, choose a #25 throat if your mouthpiece feels stuffy with too much resistance, and you are an advanced player with good breath support.

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