Regular Cornet

Regular cornet tops are available in brass or plastic

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What Our Customers Say

Review of our 67 Cornet Mouthpiece Top 
I had already bought a trumpet mouthpiece, and after trying this one I definitely fell in love with these mouthpieces! The sound is more powerful then any other mouthpiece. -Luca M.

Review of our 64 Cornet Mouthpiece Top
Was just the right size to make switching back and forth with my 64M trumpet top easy. Wedge familiar feel works great for my chops. Cup shape and backbore work together to get the cornet sound I was looking for. Thanks! -Rodney S

Review of our Wedge Regular Cornet Backbore
So glad I decided to give this a try. Better range right from the start and took next to no time to get used to! -Brenden McL

Review of our 64 Cornet Mouthpiece Top 
My tone has never sounded more controlled and full before now! I would like to get a Trumpet shank for the 64 top! -William H

Review of our Wedge Regular Cornet Backbore 
I have a Yamaha Cornet and I bought a regular cornet backbore with a 65MDV trumpet top and from the moment I started using this mouthpiece I found I could hit the centre of the notes better and, as advertised, my endurance was much better. I can recover quicker from tired lips and I can play longer than before. Also I'm gradually extending my range little by little. I sometimes play with the old mouthpiece, but it feels odd now and I immediately go back to the Wedge mouthpiece. The trumpet top makes the cornet have a brighter sound which is important in a concert band. -Robert C

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