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CarolBrass CTR-4000-YSS-C in Silver with Heavy Caps



The CTR-4000-YSS-C is slightly different than the 5060H-GSS model. It has a yellow brass bell rather than the gold brass of the 5060H, and a yellow brass leadpipe instead of the sterling silver leadpipe of the 5060H.  I actually think the 4000-YSS-C is a bit warmer sounding compared to the 5060H, probably due to the sterling silver leadpipe on the 5060H.  

This horn has excellent pitch and will blend well with any section of Bach or Yamaha C trumpets. It has a very even response in all registers and is especially easy to play in the upper register. This is an absolutely outstanding value. I would take it onstage any day. It is actually easier to play than my Bach Chicago C. The sound is not quite as broad as the Bach, but it sounds great. 

Included are an extra set of Hino style heavy cap set shown on the horn in the photos. These look great and add some warmth to the sound. Round and square tuning slides included. 

The trial period for instruments is 7 days. $60 restocking fee on returns. We do not pay for return shipping. 

Model:                CTR-4000H-YSS
Key:                   C
Bore:                  ML (0.460";11.70mm)
Main slide:          H - heavy.
Bell material:      Y (Yellow brass & wire rim soldered)
Bell size:            S (Standard #37)
Bell thickness:   S (Standard 0.024;0.6mm)
Bell diameter:     5.00" (127.00mm)
Finishing:            S (Silver)
Leadpipe:            Yellow brass
*Inner yellow brass/ Outer yellow tuning slide
*1st tuning slide fixed finger ring
*3rd tuning slide fixed finger ring with stopper screw


Also comes with:
Black Backpacker bag
CarolBrass® 3C mouthpiece
Cleaning cloth (wipe)
La Tromba T2 Valve oil
Warranty (User guide)

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