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Silver Piccolo Trumpet with additional finger hook on 4th valve

This is an outstanding value in a professional level piccolo trumpet. I have personally used a CPC-7775-YLS silver piccolo for church, orchestral, and quintet playing for about 10 years. Prior to that I had a Schilke P5-4 and a Blackburn picc, both of which I sold. This horn plays as well as either of them.  It comes with 4 different leadpipes for cornet and trumpet shanks in Bb and A. This lets you fine tune the pitch and response of the instrument to the repertoire and mouthpiece you choose to use. 

Model: CPC-7775F-YLS
Key: Bb-A
Bore: ML (0.453";11.50mm)
Bell material: Y (Yellow brass)
Bell size: L (Large #72)
Bell thickness: S (Standard 0.024";0.6mm)
Bell diameter: 4.055" (103.00mm)
Finishing: S (Silver Plated)
Leadpipe: Yellow brass

*Inner yellow brass/ Outer yellow brass slide
*3rd tuning slide fixed ring with patented design stopper
*4th valve fixed finger hook


Also comes with:
Black Wooden Hard Shell Case
CarolBrass® 11AX trumpet mouthpiece
CarolBrass® 11AX cornet mouthpiece
Cleaning cloth (wipe)
La Tromba T2 Valve oil
Warranty (User guide)
Tuning slide grease
*Cornet Bb Key adjustable leadpipe
*Cornet A Key adjustable leadpipe
*Trumpet Bb Key adjustable leadpipe
*Trumpet A Key adjustable leadpipe
*Super light weight valve spring set

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