67 British Cornet 3D Printed Polymer Mouthpiece

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Product Overview

These mouthpieces have a medium cup depth similar to a Wick B cup.


  • Inner Diameter: .670 measured .04 inches into the cup.
  • Outer Diameter: 1.094
  • Throat: 19
  • Cup Depth: Medium Deep (Similar to a Wick B cup)
  • Backbore: This mouthpiece comes on a Wedge British (Short) Cornet backbore.

These mouthpieces are the product of many months of research and development. They are printed with an FDA certified safe biomedical photopolymer on a medical grade 3D printer. They do not slot or sound quite like our silver plated brass or Hybrid mouthpieces (they sound a bit darker), but they do play great and will give you a clear idea of what the Wedge design can do for your comfort, range and endurance. You will be amazed that a polymer mouthpiece can play this well and sound this good. These are NOT just more cheap plastic mouthpieces.

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