665MV Trumpet Top - Delrin

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Product Overview


  • Very close to a Bach 3C diameter
  • Inner Diameter: .665 measured .04 inches into the cup
  • Outer Diameter: 1.119
  • Cup Depth: This mouthpiece has an MV (Medium V) cup, which is similar to a Bach 3C. It is also similar to the Bach 7E, Schilke or Yamaha B, GR M, Curry M, and Warburton M cup, but it has a slightly more V shaped transition into the throat, which darkens the sound slightly. It is an excellent all round mouthpiece with a very versatile sound. It is suitable for concert band, marching band, and jazz or big band. The M cup can also be made to blend in a chamber group or orchestral setting, especially when used with a heavyweight backbore in order to darken the sound. It functions well as a Piccolo trumpet mouthpiece with a medium cup is desired.
  • Backbore: This top is best used on an M (Medium) backbore which can be purchased here.

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